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Feeling Stuck and Ready to Grow?


Empower Your Success

Business owners frequently encounter frustration and stress as a result of the challenges posed by financial instability, resource scarcity, employee management difficulties, and lead generation.

Unlock Your Potential

Elevate Your Business

Implementing proven strategies can increase revenue, improve productivity, and enhance customer satisfaction.

  • Reduce costs

  • Minimize, and improve decision-making 

  • Gain a competitive advantage for your business



At Veteran Coach On A Mission, we empower military veterans as well as civilians to achieve their business goals.

Our experienced team is dedicated to helping you double your revenue in just 12 months through our leadership, sales, marketing, product, operations & overhead, and cash flow coaching services.


We help business owners by teaching smart decision-making and creative problem-solving to startup founders, corporate executives, and organizations of all sizes.

Let us help you reach sustainable, positive change.



"Chris Martinez provides the one thing entrepreneurs need most. He provided what I call objective inquiry and right thinking. Many people can provide an outside perspective, but Chris Martinez provides that perspective through the lens of an educated process. Chris has the unique ability to ask difficult questions from a place of curiosity. I often find myself saying, “I hadn’t thought about it that way.” It feels good to have Chris on my team, and I highly recommend him to anyone in business at any level."

Paul Powell
Stretch Zone

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